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Welcome to EasyBlast

Easy Blast For Eco Friendly Rock & Concrete Demolition

Easyblast provides a safer, silent and less labor intensive solution to rock and concrete breaking. It is efficient and clean, increases productivity and safety. Easyblast will continuously conduct research and bring the latest Technological Advancements to the Marketplace

Features of Easyblast

No Noise
Non Explosive
Eco Friendly
No Vibratiobs
No Dust
Safe & Easy To Use
Self Sufficient
No Permits Required
Controlled Demolition
No Licenses Required
No Heavy Equipment

Research & Development

In order to strengthen our position in the competitive market, we conduct regular research & development program at our unit. With the help of our proficient researcher, we carry out various research works to move with the changing dynamics of the market. This, in turn, also helps in upgrading our range with the latest industry standards.
To be at par with the excellence, we incorporate various research related techniques to improvise our range. The R&D activities also help in increasing our industry knowledge which in turn also helps in the development of the organization. Besides, we also conduct market research for analyzing the best vendor to procure the products from.

Safety Rules

Wear Goggles
Use Plastic Gloves
Stay Away to Avoid Blowout Shoots

EASYBLAST is environmentally friendly. The product is produced from a combination of natural minerals such as calcium oxide. Easyblast is Non-hazardous; there are No toxic vapors, and no harmful chemicals. When the powdered mixture of natural minerals is filled into the drilled holes and combined with common cold water and expansive power is achieved.
Although Easyblast works by heat from the reaction of the product with water, the end result is a non-toxic powder that can simply be washed away and is biodegradable, thus reducing any waste and pollution typically associated with conventional methods.

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