Expansive soundless mortar

Builders and constructors are being encouraged to use green and safe ways to break hard rock or demolish buildings. The “green” approach involves the use of eco-friendly demolishing agents to raze down buildings, bridges, and other concreate structures. Non-toxic expansive mortar can also be used to break rocks while constructing roads and bridges.
Easy Blast is one of the top expansive mortar suppliers in India. We are known for our environmentally friendly rock and concrete demolition chemicals. Our stone cracking powder is made of non-toxic materials, which will not cause any damage to the environment. Moreover, our soundless explosive chemicals will not create a huge blasting sound that is generally associated with demolition projects. Plus, no vibration is created as an after effect of the blast. The residue that is created after the blast is non-toxic, and can be easily washed away using water. All these features make Easy Blast’s demolition chemicals perfect for any building project that follows green construction methods.

It is very easy to use this expansive mortar. You just need to drill a hole in the concrete structure. Add water to the concrete cracking agent and pour it into the hole. When the slurry reaches the right temperature, it expands with a powerful force to break the concrete. Though it doesn’t create any vibrations, it is safer to stand a little away from the blast site, so that you are not hit by any blowouts or flying debris.
Easy Blast follows the rules and regulations of packing and transporting expansive mortar. The chemical is carefully packed in boxes and securely transported to the destination. We are one of the most reliable expansive mortar suppliers as we strive to maintain our quality and safety standards.
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