Soundless Rock Breaking Chemical Demolition Agent

Whether you are demolishing a concrete building or breaking up a huge boulder to pave a road, you can efficiently do it by using soundless rock breaking chemicals. Easy Blast is a leading supplier in Bangalore that offers high-quality soundless cracking agents. Made using premium raw materials, this soundless stone cracking powder offers high-force breaking with minimum or almost no noise. Therefore, our soundless chemical demolishing agents are suitable for use in all kinds of places.
The Indian Standard Safety Code for Blasting and Related Drilling Operations outlines various criteria to be followed during manufacturing, storage, and use of blasting chemicals. At Easy Blast, we follow all the safety rules and regulations during the manufacture, storage and delivery to ensure the utmost safety for everyone involved. When you purchase soundless rock breaking chemicals from us, we take the maximum care to securely pack and deliver them to prevent any unwanted accidents.

According to the safety criteria, specially-designed containers should be used while transporting explosives. Moreover, the containers carrying soundless cracking agent should be made of 50mm thick wood, 10mm thick pressed fiber, or 6mm thick plastic. The thickness of the container holding up to 5 kg of soundless stone cracking powder should not be less than the recommended number. The loading and unloading of the blasting materials should be carefully monitored by trained professionals. The manufacturer name, date, name of explosive, expiry date, and other essential details should be clearly printed on the container. Easy Blast follows all these instructions while storing and transporting blasting materials. So, you can be assured that the materials are safety packaged and shipped to your destination address.
You can easily place order online on our website or contact our head office in Bangalore for pricing and shipping details. We deliver orders within a day in Bangalore and in 2 to 3 days to other locations.